[Pacemaker] Stonith setup hostname params

Pavel Levshin pavel at levshin.spb.ru
Mon Mar 28 13:08:32 EDT 2011

28.03.2011 18:35, Dejan Muhamedagic:
>> Currently, crm shell cannot handle quoted parameters with spaces from the command line. Try to enter it interactively:
> The crm shell gets what bash (or dash) passes. The quotes are
> gobbled by bash in that process. Basically, what you type is not
> what crm sees.

I understand the mechanics. It is machine-centric and confusing to some 

It is not absolutely impossible to accept quoted parameters from command 
line. Quotes are stripped, but these parameters are preserved in single 

> Right. I really don't understand why's everybody trying to
> configure the cluster directly from bash instead of doing it in
> crm configure.

CRM shell offers this opportunity, that's why many users try to use it. 
But, unfortunately, the feature is not uniform with interactive shell.

Pavel Levshin

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