[Pacemaker] IPaddr2 Netmask Bug Fix Issue

Pavel Levshin pavel at levshin.spb.ru
Fri Mar 25 15:50:15 EDT 2011

25.03.2011 18:47, Darren.Mansell at opengi.co.uk:
> We configure a virtual IP on the non-arping lo interface of both 
> servers and then configure the IPaddr2 resource with lvs_support=true. 
> This RA will remove the duplicate IP from the lo interface when it 
> becomes active. Grouping the VIP with ldirectord/LVS we can have the 
> load-balancer and VIP on one node, balancing traffic to the other node 
> with failover where both resources failover together.
> To do this we need to configure the VIP on lo as a 32 bit netmask but 
> the VIP on the eth0 interface needs to have a 24 bit netmask. This has 
> worked fine up until now and we base all of our clusters on this 
> method. Now what happens is that the find_interface() routine in 
> IPaddr2 doesn't remove the IP from lo when starting the VIP resource 
> as it can't find it due to the netmask not matching.

Do you really need the address to be deleted from lo? Having two 
identical addresses on the Linux machine should not harm, if routing was 
not affected. In your case, with /32 netmask on lo, I do not foresee any 

We use it in this way, i.e. with the address set on lo permanently.

Pavel Levshin
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