[Pacemaker] SMTP Sending via Pacemaker VIP

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Mon Mar 7 10:34:36 EST 2011


On Mon, Mar 07, 2011 at 02:21:10PM +0100, DooMRunneR wrote:
> Hello,
> i test pacemaker and drbd for a HA Mail server solution with a primary  
> and a backup server.
> Now we have the following problem.
> Our primary server uses ip x.x.x.10, the backup x.x.x.20 and the virtual  
> IP which the services are available uses x.x.x.100
> At the moment the primary server is the active mailserver-node. When a  
> user sends an e-mail via the primary node the internal ip x.x.x.10 is  
> used for sending, not the x.x.x.100.

This sounds like an application issue (the mail server in this
case). Which interface it uses for tcp/ip is beyond cluster. I
can recall this issue coming up often on multi-homed hosts.



> This collides with our Firewall, only the 100 IP is allowed to send  
> mails out of our mailserver network. Our Mail-Solution does not have a  
> logic implemented for detecting which interface to use for an outgoing  
> connection or any connection for that matter. The system's kernel  
> determines this by analyzing the IP headers and based on the destination  
> address of the packet it routes the traffic according to the routing 
> table.
> I can't find the Pacemaker VIP in any kernel related routing tables, is  
> it possible to get those entries via pacemaker in my redhat distribution  
> so that my mailserver knows the he also uses the ip 100?
> kind regards
> anton

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