[Pacemaker] SMTP Sending via Pacemaker VIP

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Mon Mar 7 08:21:10 EST 2011


i test pacemaker and drbd for a HA Mail server solution with a primary 
and a backup server.

Now we have the following problem.

Our primary server uses ip x.x.x.10, the backup x.x.x.20 and the virtual 
IP which the services are available uses x.x.x.100

At the moment the primary server is the active mailserver-node. When a 
user sends an e-mail via the primary node the internal ip x.x.x.10 is 
used for sending, not the x.x.x.100.

This collides with our Firewall, only the 100 IP is allowed to send 
mails out of our mailserver network. Our Mail-Solution does not have a 
logic implemented for detecting which interface to use for an outgoing 
connection or any connection for that matter. The system's kernel 
determines this by analyzing the IP headers and based on the destination 
address of the packet it routes the traffic according to the routing table.

I can't find the Pacemaker VIP in any kernel related routing tables, is 
it possible to get those entries via pacemaker in my redhat distribution 
so that my mailserver knows the he also uses the ip 100?

kind regards


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