[Pacemaker] Cluster proxy pacemaker-corosync in a BladeCenter

victor victorxpbcn at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 2 11:26:30 EST 2011

Robert van Leeuwen <vanleeuwen at ...> writes:

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> > Hi,
> > I plan mount a cluster proxy without shared storage in a BladeCenter but I 
> > can't 
> > use disk quorum because I haven't fibre channels for the disks.
> > It's possible? and run correctly?
> > For fencing I use RSA, I must open any port? 
> > Thanks
> Victor,
> Pacemaker does not support a quorum disk. 
> You should configure, at least, 3 nodes for proper quorum voting.
> I would prefer to configure fencing based on the blade-chassis functionality 
but I do not know if there is a
> stonith agent for you're specific chassis...
> Robert van Leeuwen
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My cluster has two nodes, in this case what happens with pacemaker-corosync 
without quorum disk? It's possible?

Until now this cluster run with Heartbeat but this not run correctly because 
when one node down, the other fencing this a this fencing the other and two 
restarted continually.

How stonith device I use RSA IBM.

Sorry for my bad English.
Thank you 

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