[Pacemaker] What exactly happen when a node joins a cluster ?

Thomas Baumann bt047265 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 17:22:25 EST 2011


They are  2 groups with identical resources, each group is assigned to
its own node. Everything is fine for the first startup, but if one
node stops or starts, the troubles starts.

I guess my problem are the more or less identical resources, it looks
like if a node joins the resources are started and to be sure they are
stopped at the other nodes.

They are 2 loadbalancer with 2 application servers connected.  If
everything is running application server 1 uses database of
loadbalancer 1 (as2 uses lb2).  If loadbalcer 1 is not running, I need
to startup application server 1
with a different configuration, so it uses the databae od loadbalancer
2.  I can't use virtual IP's, I need to reconfigure the application



Attached my configuration:

<cib validate-with="pacemaker-1.0" crm_feature_set="3.0.1"
have-quorum="1" dc-uuid="m-lab-prx-lb-1" admin_epoch="1" epoch="2900"
num_updates="0" cib-last-written="Fri Feb 25 16:04:35 2011">
      <cluster_property_set id="cib-bootstrap-options">
        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-dc-version"
        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-cluster-infrastructure"
name="cluster-infrastructure" value="openais"/>
        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-expected-quorum-votes"
name="expected-quorum-votes" value="4"/>
        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-no-quorum-policy"
name="no-quorum-policy" value="ignore"/>
        <nvpair id="cib-bootstrap-options-stonith-enabled"
name="stonith-enabled" value="false"/>
    	<node id="m-lab-prx-lb-1" uname="m-lab-prx-lb-1" type="normal"/>
      <node id="m-lab-prx-lb-2" uname="m-lab-prx-lb-2" type="normal"/>
      <node id="m-lab-prx-as-1" uname="m-lab-prx-as-1" type="normal"/>
      <node id="m-lab-prx-as-2" uname="m-lab-prx-as-2" type="normal"/>
    <group id="group_lb1">	
    	<primitive id="res_mysqld_lb1-primitive" class="lsb" type="mysqld">
					<op id="op_mysqld_lb1" name="monitor" interval="60s"
timeout="30s" on-fail="restart"/>
			<primitive id="res_ser_lb1-primitive" class="lsb" type="kamailio">
					<op id="op_ser_lb1" name="monitor" interval="60s" timeout="30s"
		<group id="group_lb2">	
    	<primitive id="res_mysqld_lb2-primitive" class="lsb" type="mysqld">
					<op id="op_mysqld_lb2" name="monitor" interval="60s"
timeout="30s" on-fail="restart"/>
			<primitive id="res_ser_lb2-primitive" class="lsb" type="kamailio">
					<op id="op_ser_lb2" name="monitor" interval="60s" timeout="30s"
    <rsc_location id="loc_lb1" rsc="group_lb1">
        <rule id="rule_loc_lb1" score="-INFINITY">
          <expression attribute="#uname" id="expression_loc_lb1"
operation="ne" value="m-lab-prx-lb-1"/>
    <rsc_location id="loc_lb2" rsc="group_lb2">
        <rule id="rule_loc_lb2" score="-INFINITY">
          <expression attribute="#uname" id="expression_loc_lb2"
operation="ne" value="m-lab-prx-lb-2"/>

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