[Pacemaker] announcing the Pacemaker Cloud Policy Engine subproject

Steven Dake sdake at redhat.com
Tue Mar 1 16:40:53 EST 2011


I'd like to spend a moment to tell you about a new project myself and
Angus Salkeld are working on.  The project, called the Pacemaker Cloud
Policy Engine, is a cloud-specific policy engine and will act as a
sub-project of the Pacemaker project.

We are doing a ground-up implementation of a cloud policy engine, using
a few other open source building block components.

Our dependencies are:
QPID/QMF (provides a management bus for communication of the various
Upstart (provides a mechanism to launch our internal processes)
Pacemaker Policy Engine library (provides a mechanism for us to make
policy decisions)
Matahari (provides a mechanism to monitor VM images)

We have decided on a general model for managing cloud deployments:
Assembly: A VM image with a Matahari instance
Deployable: Collection of Assemblies

We are working on 5 components at the moment:
1. QMF model of the methods/events for various components
2. CLI Shell
2.1 requests the CPE start a deployable
2.2 requests the CPE stop a deployable
2.3 Displays assembly failures
3. Cloud Policy Engine
3.1 starts a deployable policy engine
3.2 Stops a deployable policy engine
4. VM Launcher
4.1 Starts VM images
5. Deployable Policy Engine
5.1 Requests VM launcher to start images
5.2 Monitors a VM image via matahari
5.3 Starts applications via matahari
5.4 Stops applications via matahari
5.5 Recovers failures detected by matahari managed applications
5.6 Uses the Pacemaker policy engine library to make decisions about
which sort of matahari actions to take
5.7 generates assembly failure events for the cli shell to display based
upon matahari output

Our repository is here:

For the moment we will share the pacemaker list for our development:

Come join us!

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