[Pacemaker] stonith in pacemaker clarification

Pentarh Udi pentarh at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 06:08:43 EST 2011

Hello all

I see in docs many explanations of what the stonith IS, how to configure it,

But I can not figure out in which cases does it activates.

Question: What should happen to start pacemaker fence some node?

And next question. I have the following stonith layout for now:

 st-node4       (stonith:external/ipmi):        Started node3
 st-node3       (stonith:external/ipmi):        Started node4

Both of these configured do not run stonith resource on a same node. This is
because my IPMI can not shoot itself over lan fisically.

So.. If node3 fails, pacemaker will start migrating resources out of node3.
So it will call "st-node4 stop"....

The question is: will the hang of node3 will call fence of healthy node4?


Regards, Pentarh Udi
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