[ClusterLabs] 答复: Trouble starting up PAF cluster for first time

范国腾 fanguoteng at highgo.com
Fri Apr 6 22:34:05 EDT 2018

I am using PAF too. You could read the /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/pgsqlms file to find what pgsql command is called.

For example, pacemaker start ->pg_ctl start, pacemaker monitor->pg_isready.


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It looks like the main problem was that I needed to add pghost="/var/run/postgresql" to the postgresql-10-main resource.  I'm not sure why I have to do that, but it makes things work.

For both this and my last E-mail to the list that was also a problem with the command being run to start the instance up, I'd like to understand how to diagnose what's happening better myself instead of resorting to guesswork.

How can I tell exactly what the command is that Pacemaker ends up calling to start PostgreSQL?  I don't see it in corosync.log.  If I could see exactly what was being tried, I could try running it by hand and determine the problem myself a lot more effectively.

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