[ClusterLabs] Possible idea for 2.0.0: renaming the Pacemaker daemons

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Fri Apr 6 04:26:22 EDT 2018

On 29/03/18 09:53 -0500, Ken Gaillot wrote:
> On Thu, 2018-03-29 at 10:35 +0200, Kristoffer Grönlund wrote:
>> Ken Gaillot <kgaillot at redhat.com> writes:
>>> Here are the current names, with some example replacements:
>>>  pacemakerd: PREFIX-launchd, PREFIX-launcher
>>>  attrd: PREFIX-attrd, PREFIX-attributes
>>>  cib: PREFIX-configd, PREFIX-state
>>>  crmd: PREFIX-controld, PREFIX-clusterd, PREFIX-controller
>>>  lrmd: PREFIX-locald, PREFIX-resourced, PREFIX-runner
>>>  pengine: PREFIX-policyd, PREFIX-scheduler
>>>  stonithd: PREFIX-fenced, PREFIX-stonithd, PREFIX-executioner
>>>  pacemaker_remoted: PREFIX-remoted, PREFIX-remote
>> Better to do it now rather than later. I vote in favor of changing
>> the
>> names. Yes, it'll mess up crmsh, but at least for distributions it's
>> just a simple search/replace patch to apply.
>> I would also vote in favour of sticking to the 15 character limit,
>> and
>> to use "pcmk" as the prefix. That leaves 11 characters for the name,
>> which should be enough for anyone ;)
>> My votes:
>> pacemakerd -> pcmk-launchd
>> attrd -> pcmk-attrd
>> cib -> pcmk-stated
>> crmd -> pcmk-controld
>> lrmd -> pcmk-resourced
>> pengine -> pcmk-schedulerd
>> stonithd -> pcmk-fenced
>> pacemaker_remoted -> pcmk-remoted
> Those are all acceptable to me. I'd also be fine with pcmk-execd for
> lrmd, as suggested elsewhere.
>> The one I'm the most divided about is cib. pcmk-cibd would also work.
> That is the most difficult one, isn't it? :-)
> Looking at it from another direction, maybe pcmk-iod, since it
> abstracts disk I/O for the other daemons? It doesn't encompass its
> entire purpose, but it points in the right direction.

/me keenly joins the bike-shedding

What about pcmk-based/pcmk-infod.  First, we effectively tone down
"common information/base" from the expanded CIB abbreviation[*1],
and second, in the former case, we highlight that's the central point
providing resident data glue (pcmk-datad?[*2]) amongst the other daemons.

[*1] I wonder for how many users CIB stands just for the cargo term
     encompassing further non-dissected "configuration stuff"
     (that there are also operational data likely being missed)
{*2] let's avoid "glue" in these names, there are already other
     connotations related to cluster

Jan (Poki)
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