[ClusterLabs] Advisory order for cluster-managed resources

Sam Gardner SGardner at trustwave.com
Mon Apr 2 14:47:29 EDT 2018

Is there any way that I can order the startup of resources A, B, C in that order such that if B fails to start for some reason, A and C will still start, but the order of operations will always be start A, start B, start C?

I've tried setting it like this:
set rscA rscB.master rscC action=start require-all=false setoptions kind=Optional symmetrical=false

Where rscB.master is the Master half of a Master/Slave resource, but if rscB.master fails to come up then rscC also won't start.

I want this to be a stable order so that I know the order in which the resources start up - I can do it with separate constraints but it seems like an order set is a useful shortcut here.
Sam Gardner
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