[Pacemaker] CMAN integration questions

Pavel Levshin pavel at levshin.spb.ru
Wed Mar 23 15:38:58 EDT 2011

23.03.2011 15:56, Vladislav Bogdanov:

> After 1 minute vd01-d takes over DC role.
> ============
> Mar 23 10:10:03 vd01-d crmd: [1875]: info: update_dc: Set DC to vd01-d
> (3.0.5)

Excuse me, I have not much knowledge of cman integration, but don't you 
think that DC election should be much faster? Pacemaker hardly can work 
without DC. And STONITH of unexpectedly down node should be much faster, 
too. It's not clear from your log excerpts why fencing the node take so 

Pavel Levshin

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