[Pacemaker] unable to migrate resource between nodes in cluster

Dejan Muhamedagic dejanmm at fastmail.fm
Fri Mar 18 08:35:40 EDT 2011


On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 11:29:12AM +0530, rakesh k wrote:
> Hi All
> I am unable to migrate apache resource between the nodes
> 1) To monitor apache resource i had used status url and reg-ex pattern is *
> "*</html>"* which find the exact pattern in statusurl, for monitoring and
> fail-over conditions for apache script .
> 2) on node1 i manually edited the status url and saw the resource is getting
> migrated to other node2 in cluster.
> 3) And then i again update the status url text on node1 to original content
> .and emptied the file on node2, for this scenario i should see there should
> be a  migration of resource to node1 which is not happening

You created now a fail condition on node2? Yes, it should fall

> 4) when i go through the ha-debug file for exact reason i found this message
> in ha-debug file .
>                  *do_state_transition: Starting PEngine Recheck Timer*

Take a closer look at the logs. And you don't need debug, there
should be messages of ERROR severity.



> Please help me regarding this..
> Regards
> Rakesh

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