[Pacemaker] Very strange behavior on asymmetric cluster

Carlos G Mendioroz tron at huapi.ba.ar
Thu Mar 17 07:54:35 EDT 2011

Andrew Beekhof @ 17/3/2011 5:05 -0300 dixit:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 8:56 PM, Carlos G Mendioroz <tron at huapi.ba.ar> wrote:
>> Andrew Beekhof @ 16/3/2011 16:19 -0300 dixit:
>>> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 6:32 PM, Pavel Levshin <pavel at levshin.spb.ru>
>>> wrote:
>>>> 16.03.2011 10:29, Andrew Beekhof:
>>>>>> I still don't understand why it monitors services by default on all
>>>>>> nodes
>>>>>> when the cluster is assymetrical
>>>>> Because we don't just make assumptions about what the state of the
>>>>> cluster is - we verify them.
>>>> Actually, you verify what misconfigured or fake resource agents are
>>>> saying.
>>> RAs are required to be reliable.
>>> Garbage in, garbage out.
>> For what is worth, I sympathize with Pavel view (minus the cynicism).
>> If the cluster is asymetric, not all nodes support all resources.
>> Pacemaker knows that (configwise) and could avoid trying to monitor
>> resources in non valid nodes.
>> In the end, forcing the installation of fake RAs
> You don't need fake RAs.
> The cluster will behave just fine if the RA is missing, just not if
> it's present and reports bogus status

Oops, sorry for the noise then. I don't know why I reached that 
conclusion. If an absent RA does it, then it's fine.
Having an RA in a node w/o the resource makes litle sense if it does not 

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