[Pacemaker] Very strange behavior on asymmetric cluster

Carlos G Mendioroz tron at huapi.ba.ar
Wed Mar 16 15:56:44 EDT 2011

Andrew Beekhof @ 16/3/2011 16:19 -0300 dixit:
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 6:32 PM, Pavel Levshin <pavel at levshin.spb.ru> wrote:
>> 16.03.2011 10:29, Andrew Beekhof:
>>>> I still don't understand why it monitors services by default on all nodes
>>>> when the cluster is assymetrical
>>> Because we don't just make assumptions about what the state of the
>>> cluster is - we verify them.
>> Actually, you verify what misconfigured or fake resource agents are saying.
> RAs are required to be reliable.
> Garbage in, garbage out.

For what is worth, I sympathize with Pavel view (minus the cynicism).
If the cluster is asymetric, not all nodes support all resources.
Pacemaker knows that (configwise) and could avoid trying to monitor
resources in non valid nodes.

In the end, forcing the installation of fake RAs is going to increase
the system complexity, wich in turn increases the likelihood of an 
incident. It may be worth a resource configuration option too.

Carlos G Mendioroz  <tron at huapi.ba.ar>  LW7 EQI  Argentina

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