[Pacemaker] network interface as a cluster resource (solved with patch)

Pavel Levshin pavel at levshin.spb.ru
Mon Mar 14 07:49:59 EDT 2011

14.03.2011 12:27, Klaus Darilion пишет:
>>> 2. before adding the IP address, it will delete the IP address if the
>>> address is already configured (on any interface, with any netmask). Thus
>>> the "add" will always work.
>> This particular part is not good. The same address could be configured
>> on other interface, notably loopback. It should not be dropped in this
>> case.
> Ok, but what is a valid use case for having an IP address configured on
> multiple interfaces? Especially on lo?

For us, it is a way to bind a daemon to a floating address. Our daemons 
need to run permanently, and active one is selected by simply assigning 
floating address to the network interface (with arp_ignore/arp_announce 
sysctls set properly).

Something alike may be achieved by setting ip_nonlocal_bind, but our way 
is more strict.

Pavel Levshin

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