[Pacemaker] Help with batch import and resource distribution

Pavel Levshin pavel at levshin.spb.ru
Sat Mar 12 14:08:04 EST 2011

07.03.2011 1:31, Todd Nine:

> I would like the following distribution.
> Single Node: haproxy and ec2setip

So you need a mandatory colocation constraint for them.

> All other Nodes: nginx.

Multiple instances of a resource => clones.

Additionally, you may want to set negative colocation constraint between 
nginx and haproxy.

> All nodes: chef-client

Perhaps this should not be a part of your cluster at all. But if you 
want to monitor chef-client, and restart it in case of failure, you may 
set it up as a clone resource.

> Essentially, I use ha proxy for load balancing.  I use nginx for ssl 
> decryption and serving static pages, so I want that to run on every 
> node that isn't the ha proxy node.  During a failover, I want haproxy 
> to be started, and ec2setip to be run on a single node, and all other 
> nodes to start nginx.  I'm not using STONITH on purpose.  If one node 
> takes over the IP and another is running, it does not affect my 
> service since none of my clustered services perform any data write. 
>  I'm using the following configuration, and importing it with this 
> command.

I'm not sure, but I suspect it will not work. The cluster will not take 
over the resource from a disconnected node without STONITH. You will 
need to configure this behaviour explicitly.

Pavel Levshin

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