[Pacemaker] LSB startscript for smb

Juergen Hartmann Juergen.Hartmann at LHSystems.com
Mon Mar 7 05:49:57 EST 2011

I find out the problem but I doesn't understand it,
maybe someone can describe me why pacemaker (1.0.10) doesn't start the smb
script when I link the files from /etc/samba to a directory in a shared storage.

It can not be a timing problem because I had mount the filesystem a long and it
never it works.

How can I solve now the problem with the synchronisation ? 
If I could use the shared storage I haven't a problem because the files are at 
both cluster servers the same and in this case now not :-(((.

Help is highly welcome !!

Thanks in advance !

Best Regards

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