[Pacemaker] [pacemaker] To start all the resources on one node when HA starts in 2 node configuration.

rakesh k rakirocker4236 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 02:15:03 EDT 2011

Hi All

Here is my description regarding this

While configuring HA i used this CLI command
*crm configure location HTTPD Httpd       rule id="HTTPD-rule" 100: \#uname
eq hatest1        rule id="HTTPD-rule1" 200: \#uname eq hatest2*

where Httpd is resource and given score 100 for hatest1 and score 200 for
node -2 hatest2
similarly there are other three resources where i have given score 100 for
first node and score 200 for second node

when HA starts it checks for the scores and starts the processes on hatest2

Is there any other better way such that heartbeat/pacemaker checks the node
level configuration rather than HA checks resource location constraint .

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