[Pacemaker] [pacemaker] unable to execute commands like crm configure show.crm resource stop

rakesh k rakirocker4236 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 01:28:16 EDT 2011

Hi All

I had installed pacemaker,heartbeat on my unix machine, I had created an SSH
user who can access my unix machine remotely.
I had given permissions for that user by editing *sudoers *file so that he
can perform all the opertaions related to *crm*

The configuration i used is as follows in sudoers file.
<username> ALL=NOPASSWD:/usr/sbin

since the commands like crm_mon.crm_verify, cibadmin resides in the
/usr/sbin directory.

but when my ssh user is executing the following opertation
*-Bash-3.2#sudo /usr/sbin/crm configure show*
*-Bash-3.2#sudo /usr/sbin/crm resource stop*

This is the following error poping out
*sudo /usr/sbin/crm configure show
cibadmin not available, check your installation*

Please provide me the solution to come over this type of situations.

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