[Pacemaker] restart only a particular service in group if it fails

bikrish amatya bikrish11 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 8 06:24:50 EST 2011

I have setup a group where in , it has many resources configured say res1 , res2 , res3 , res4 , res5. 
To test if monitor is working or not,  I stopped manually the res2 service
When  monitor command found res2 is stopped , it stops  res3 , res4 and res5 and then tries to start res2. After it successfully start res2 ,  it then starts res3 , res4 and res5. 
My question is , Is it possible to just start res2 only without stopping other services that follows the resource(res3 , res4 , res5) which has been stopped.


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