[Pacemaker] Help with batch import and resource distribution

Todd Nine todd at spidertracks.com
Sun Mar 6 17:31:02 EST 2011

Hi all,
  I'm creating my pacemaker configuration from a script executed by chef and
I'm having some issues.  I have 3 init scripts that run the following


I would like the following distribution.

Single Node: haproxy and ec2setip

All other Nodes: nginx.

All nodes: chef-client

Essentially, I use ha proxy for load balancing.  I use nginx for ssl
decryption and serving static pages, so I want that to run on every node
that isn't the ha proxy node.  During a failover, I want haproxy to be
started, and ec2setip to be run on a single node, and all other nodes to
start nginx.  I'm not using STONITH on purpose.  If one node takes over the
IP and another is running, it does not affect my service since none of my
clustered services perform any data write.  I'm using the following
configuration, and importing it with this command.

crm configure < /tmp/proxyfailover.txt

here is the content of  /tmp/proxyfailover.txt

---------------- BEGIN FILE --------------------------
property stonith-enabled=false
primitive haproxy lsb:/etc/init.d/haproxy
primitive nginx lsb:/etc/init.d/nginx
primitive ec2setip lsb:/etc/init.d/ec2setip
primitive chefclient lsb:/etc/init.d/chef

order nginx-after-haproxy inf: haproxy nginx
order ec2setip-after-nginx inf: nginx ec2setip
order chefclient-after-ec2setip inf: ec2setip chefclient


---------------- END FILE --------------------------

I've read this section, but I'm a bit lost.  Any help would be greatly


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