[Pacemaker] Announcement: Linux Foundation HA working group mailing lists

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at novell.com
Thu Mar 3 04:37:25 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

please excuse the long Cc list.

Behind the scenes, some of the projects that make up the cluster stack
on Linux have been working together to converge and integrate the
various projects. We have been meeting on and off for the last decade,
and made some amazing progress over the years.

However, we believe we could make even better progress if we had a
common umbrella that did not try to take away any independence from the
projects, but acted as a vendor-neutral forum for coordination. Many
projects have chosen to create their own foundations these days, but we
did not want this overhead.

The Linux Foundation is a well established organization, and its board
has graciously agreed to host the working group for us, and also offered
further support.

One of the first steps here is the creation of mailing lists.



These mailing lists are not intended to supersede any of the existing
project mailing lists, but act as a place for the coordination of
cross-project issues - such as distribution adoption, convergence of
components and projects (like the on-going resource agent merge between
RHCS & Linux-HA), discussion of summits, and so on.

You are all invited to join these mailing lists, but the focus is on
project maintainers, contributors, distribution packagers.

Our immediate roadmap (of the non-technical kind) is to prepare a
summary statement, a brief charta, agree on what we consider to be part
of the "core" stack, and explore the options that the LF can offer to us
(we have already discussed some of this in a smaller group, but it would
be too long for this announcement), and announce this working group to a
larger audience at the Collab Summit in April.

Also, we plan to hold this year's face to face meeting along the Linux
Foundation conferences in October in Prague, CZ.

I look forward to the dialogue!


Architect Storage/HA, OPS Engineering, Novell, Inc.
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