[Pacemaker] crm and sudo

Justin Burket justin.burket at noaa.gov
Thu Sep 30 17:29:28 UTC 2010

> Yes, I can recall this. There was a mismatch on where the shadow
> files are created between the crm shell and the underlying tools.
> It's been fixed recently (in August), more details here:
> https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=626638
I went through all the novell hops for registration but still couldn't
pull the bug.  I'll have to take you're word for it :)

> password set and do most everything via sudo.
> There's another option, i.e. do 'crm options user myuser' (root
> or hacluster), then you don't have to use sudo anymore, the crm
> will do that for you when necessary. Does that work for you?
Works for me, I can also just use "sudo -i" for now as well.  I just
wanted to make sure the bug was identified.


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